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Sculpted Light in the Brain

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Image courtesy of Hillel Adesnik

Please join us for the one-day conference and workshop, Sculpted Light in the Brain!

June 9th, 2017
8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley

>> Register on the conference website
Registration is free, but it is required and space is limited. Lunch, coffee, and a social hour included. Please register by May 26th.

Conference Description

Sculpted Light in the Brain is aimed at fostering collaborations between neuroscientists, computer scientists, optics researchers, and other scientists who share the common interest of developing better technology to observe and control neural activity in the awake, behaving brain. “Sculpted Light” refers to a broad class of methods where light is shaped to probe neural function.

This meeting aims to promote future collaboration opportunities by gathering established scientists and the next generation of researchers from these fields to discuss future technologies that will enable real time optical communication with the living brain.


Poster Prize

We encourage you to submit a poster abstract (150 words) during registration to present your research, and for a chance to win a cash prize for best poster.

Organizing Committee

  • Alan Mardinly, Ph.D. (MCB)
  • Li-Hao Yeh, PhD Candidate (EECS)
  • Nicolas Pegard, Ph.D. (MCB, EECS)
  • Regina Eckert, PhD Candidate (EECS)
  • Ian Antón Oldenburg, Ph.D. (MCB)

Faculty Sponsors

  • Hillel Adesnik
  • Laura Waller


  • QB3/MCB – UC Berkeley
  • Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute – UC Berkeley
  • The Optical Society of America (OSA)
  • Neurolabware
  • Hamamatsu Corporation
  • Amplitude Systems Inc.
  • Sutter Instruments
  • Neurophotonics
  • Bruker Nanosystems
  • 3i: Intelligent Imaging Innovations
  • Chroma
  • Coherent

>> View the Conference website at