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Theory of Neural Computation Workshop

By October 1, 2015September 28th, 2021No Comments

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) auditorium
17 Gauss Way, Berkeley, CA
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The theme of this workshop is on bringing theory into the study of neural networks—those in brains and those in machines.  We will soon have the capability to monitor activity and structure in the brain at unprecedented scales, but what will these data tell us?  It is unlikely that we will gain insight without some theoretical framework to guide our thinking of what to look for, and why.  Similarly, neural network models can now perform feats of language translation and pattern recognition far beyond what was possible a few years ago; but they have yet to shed new light on neurobiological mechanisms in part because there is only a limited theory of such computations.

What are likely candidates for such theories?  do they already exist?  and what is needed to more tightly integrate theoretical frameworks with empirical approaches?


Structure of the workshop
There will be four overview talks on Monday to introduce these questions, followed by five talks each on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Attendance is open to all, but registration (using the link above) is mandatory.

There will also be poster sessions.  If you are interested in presenting a poster please sign up HERE in addition.








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