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2016 Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop

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The 2016 Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop has passed. View the workshop web page to learn more about the event and access video and presentation slides of all talks.

From March 7-9, 2016, the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley is hosting the Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements (NICE) Workshop, presented by the NICE Workshop Foundation. The NICE workshop will  build upon the convergence among neuroscience, microelectronics and computational systems for the development of next generation information processing and computation architectures. Speakers and attendees will discuss one of the major issues in computing – how to go beyond Moore’s Law limits, and how to use our understanding of the brain to get there.

If you talk to people in silicon valley they are all concerned about the end of Moore’s law. We are really beginning to reach the fundamental limits of today’s chip making technology that we’ve counted on for ever more sophisticated smart phones, and one of the leading candidates to continue the march of computing is neuromorphic computing. Some of the programs of the BRAIN Initiative are really aimed at taking insights from how the brain encodes and processes information and applying them to areas like machine learning and the future of computing.

Thomas Kalil, Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, at the Kavli Foundation “Bolstering the Investment in Brain Research” briefing Oct 1, 2015.

Learn more and register here.


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